E.O. Wilson interview

A lengthy but informative video interview with ant expert E.O Wilson about the emergence of molecular techniques during his career.

Evolution – the Molecular Landscape Interview with EDWARD O WILSON interviewed by Jan Witkowski | SciVee.


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  1. NOVA also broadcast an excellent 2008 program about E.O. Wilson’s work called “Lord of the Ants.” (Preview)

    A Conversation with E.O. Wilson,” is a fascinating interview about “biophilia” conducted in Wilson’s office at Harvard’s Museum of Comparative Zoology on April 3, 2008 and edited by Peter Tyson, editor in chief of NOVA Online.

    In 1984, Edward Wilson published a slim volume called Biophilia. In it he proposed the eponymous term, which literally means “love of life,” to label what he defined as humans’ innate tendency to focus on living things, as opposed to the inanimate…. Wilson … hoped that an understanding and acceptance of our inherent love of nature, if it exists, might generate a new conservation ethic…. NOVA’s Peter Tyson spoke with [Wilson] about where the concept stands today and what could happen—to both the natural and human worlds—if we fail to cultivate it.

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