Aphids hate goat breath

The aphids don’t want to be lunch–so how do they avoid becoming a mouthful when an herbivorous animal tries to eat the plant they live on? A new study published in Current Biology finds a simple solution–the heat and the humidity of the goat’s breath triggers the insects to drop off the plant.

via ScienceShot: Humid Breath Fells Insects – ScienceNOW.

Big girls + little boys = gravity defying spider action

Spanish researchers have found evidence that the combination of behavior and gravity may determine the itty-bitty body size of some orb weaver males. The males use “bridging”, or crawling along a single strand of silk to another location, to get around, a behavior that appears to favor smaller size. Females, however, are larger because this gives them a reproductive advantage: producing more eggs. This has led to what is called extreme sexual dimorphism, or large differences in size between males and females.

Source: BBC News – Spider size is a question of gravity.