Media Worth Watching: Insect News Network

Insects can use more friends on the Web. Emmet Brady is one such guy. A little bit hipster, a lot bug geek, Emmet is a dedicated promoter of cultural entomology. Cultural entomology studies the intersections between humans and insects, many of which are likely to have important implications as the climate changes, food production is threatened by the loss of pollinators, and more people on the planet require more protein. So, kudos to you, Emmet. We’ll have our eyes on your work!

Beautiful Bug Art

Looking at insects through a dissecting scope is one of my favorite activities. I love seeing the gorgeous textures and colors up close–it’s like entering a secret sci-fi wonderland, where you can get intimate with the alien without it eating your head. I especially like this “fantasy” world because it’s real–and because human lives are entwined with these marvelous tiny beings, even if we aren’t generally aware of it.

Not everyone has the equipment or inclination to gaze at insects through a scope, however. For them, artists can provide an accessible aesthetic for enjoying insect beauty. Mielle Harvey is my latest find. (Actually, she found me on this blog–thanks Mielle!) Her HEXAPODA collection is both artistically sophisticated and scientifically accurate enough to suit both art aficionados and entomology buffs. Check it out!

CicadaeGoldenEgg400 Cicadae and Golden Egg

Cicadae and Golden Egg, by Mielle Harvey