This blog is maintained by Erika Lenz, an entomology student and insect enthusiast. All opinions are her own. She by no means claims expertise, but is glad to research any insect questions you might have. Thanks for subscribing and commenting!

And if you’re wondering if this is the same Erika you knew, it probably is. I have been a magazine journalist, a poet, an instructional designer, and a fire dancer. Who would have thought what I was looking for was science? For me, it’s better than any novel.

12 Responses

  1. I really like your blog and I have an insect page on my website.

    • Thank you, Bill. You’ve obviously been working on your page for a long time–lots of good info! I appreciate your visit and comment!

      • Hi Erika – Nice job with all this work you are doing. Could you please touch base when you get a moment. I would like to let you know about the Insect News Network that I created. Perhaps you will find some creative or professional interest in what I am doing? Thanks. Emmet Brady.

      • Hi Emmet,

        I like your site–keep up the good work! And check out my latest post. ~Erika

  2. You have a very nice blog going on here.

    • Thanks, Roberto. You do too! I really appreciate the add to your blogroll. FYI, my honors thesis is about ant olfaction. I have really enjoyed working with them, so I follow your blog with interest.

      • Oh, that is pretty cool. Have you blogged about that? You never know, that may prompt me to post more SEMs of sensillae in ant antennae.

      • I will soon. I’m writing my thesis now, so I’ll finish it up and post the tasty bits! And I *LOVE* SEMs. I would really appreciate some of ant sensillae, in the antennae or elsewhere.

  3. you’re doing well, keep going . I really like the way you write, the quality of the information you give . I’m fond of insects

  4. Thanks for a great blog. Was looking for a way of contacting you but couldn’t find an email …

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